closed 2d curve without fill

Hey there,

i am a bit confused. I want to draw a closed 2d curve without the fill. Is this possible?
I want to do this because a 2d Curve behaves more like i need it.

Maybe a stupid question, but i cant find a way…

it seems when my curve comes to a certain complexity it dont gets filled anymore with a face.
any ideas about that?

Set the fill to “None”:

Hey there,
thanks for the reply. Maybe i was to unprecise with my question. I like to have a curve with a volume, but i dont want it to be filled in the middle with a face. The reason is that i need the radius of the voluminous border to behave like in picture 2. so that the border borders stay paralel…

As I said: Fill > None.
In what way is this not what you want?

oh, i really thought fill means the volume of the border.
Thanks for pointing that out again!