[Closed] Rigger and Animator for The Riftbreaker

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Exor Studios is looking for an experienced 3D Animator and Rigger for The Riftbreaker.

This job would require rigging and animating over 15 creatures in Blender.

Rigs and skeletons must be pretty basic for today’s standards - game spawns massive swarms of enemies so everything must be really well optimized. Rig also must be made to work with our exporter and engine (I’ll provide you with details later)

Animations must feel lively and a bit exaggerated to fit the top down camera - you could compare them to ones from more stylized or Hack n Slash/ARPG games.

If you see yourself fit to this job please send your portfolios and rates to
[email protected]

Hi There,

I have PMed you regarding this. Please check it out.

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