Made with Blender and some Photoshop .

Rendered with Cycles at 300 samples in 12 minutes with GPU .

The scene is made from 40 objects , 106k faces in total, with Adaptive Subdivision Surface modifier on top and took around 2 hours to make.


Only two hours? Looks amazing! I love the reflections and the color. How did you make the brick wall?

2 hours is pretty damn impressive

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It’s a tesselated texture. You can get this one for free from Friendly Shade. And I reused the glass texture and particles from my other project.

Thanks. But that “around 2 hours” is just for making the scene, I’m not counting compositing and rendering. + I reused glass texture and particles from my old project.

nice work !!!

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Really like the texture and details you done good work,

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Ah okay. Cool I’ll check that out

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Wow, Thanks!