closest i've gotten to a good model

of a human head…I know there’s a “make human” out there, but I was disturbed by it’s anatomy. So:

My plan is to morph it a bit more and use it in upcoming 10secondclub contests. Any tell me what you think… :smiley:

the topology doesn’t look that great, any chance of a wire?

try using less triangles. you won’t get the subsurf distortions if you use quads.

Looks like a good start , from the side view the front of the face looks very flattened off ,maybe you could try rounding it off a bit by moving the top of the forehead back a bit and curving the outer edges of the eyes around the face.

I took the critiques and started to look at the triangles. I also tried to smooth out the brow area…this is the update:

The wireframe looked way too complicated to me. I usually treat the models like clay. Is this a problem? I post the wireframes if it is.

Ummm… What exactly is wrong with MakeHuman?

Modeling like clay can be a problem in Blender.

It is a good idea to learn “Edge Loops”, especially when doing a human head. Absolutely avoid triangles at all costs. Your textures will stretch weird. Use quads instead.

Absolutely avoid triangles at all costs. Your textures will stretch weird. Use quads instead.

What? Oh, goddamn. I use triangles like crazy in most of my models. This applies to everything?

Anyway, the face looks very deformed. I don’t know what else to say.

This isn’t true, triangles texutre just as well as anyother polygon. Triangles are usually avoided because they lack control and deform a bit funny when you subsurface them, as they create poles which are tricky to manage.

So yes, avoid them if at all possible in a subsurfaced mesh, but dont freak out too bad if you cant, it takes practise to nut it out. Edgeloops are the key to anti triangleism.

What the hell is edgeloop ?


Oh that one, I just extrude vertex, subdivide them and connect face. Use the knife loop most of the time.

looks like you need to use some reference photos or drawings. That’ll help you get the shape of the profile and get an idea of just where parts go in realation to each other. It helps to try drawing (pencil and paper) off of a photograph. Measure things roughly with your pencil as you draw to get a feel of just how wide the eye is, how far away it is from the other eye, etc… I could give you a list of what these measurements commonly are, but you learn it better and get a better feel for how to adapt it to modelling when you draw it out yourself.

Thanks for the help so far…

start pride flare…>
Actually, I know the porportions, but I didn’t put it in the model.

I’m more concerned about the skin, suggestion of muscles, ect. I hate mechanical looking models when they’re meant to be organic.

<…end pride flare

That triagle trick smoothed a lot of the trouble spots out. I too use the knife tool and loop cuts, but switch back to the “solid” setting to see what it did.

I know you’re speaking about the fact the eyes are too far apart. Theyre supposed to have exactly one eye space between them, for instance. The corners of the mouth are supposed to line up with the middle of the eyes. Ears and nose are supposed to be the same length.

I be fixing the problem areas.

I’ll get it closer to looking “real”, then the real fun starts:

This model is going to get a lot more distorted, since it’s a kinda base model. I plan on making the eyes way bigger than they are now.

There’s nothing wrong with make human, cept the breasts and hips belong to a male body, and the figure is um, female. At least to my eyes. ( An anatomically correct one at that, in the crotch area anyway. Look inside it to see what I’m talking about.)

There’s also too many polys for me to adjust to make it look how I want it to. I also want to get better at modeling.