Closeted Blender Users

Somehow I have the feeling that among the many lurkers-only here and everywhere there is some Blender lore to grab, many are actually using it in a pro or semi-pro context and not piping a word.


yeah, i get that feeling when i look at the stuff in the gallery on and don’t recognise all the names.

Well Yes I think it´s true. Maybe it´s because they don´t want their future employees to know they are using a program named Blender. It doesn’t even rhyme with Maya or Max.

Ya, I feel kinda snubbed when those people don’t have the guts to put their work up on the forum, where people can crit it.

I am certain it is due to a lack of guts.

what do you call pro? do you mean professional as in do it for $$, or pro as in good? I am pretty good, but i havn’t posted any of my current projects because… well… just because.
anyway, yeah, there are realy good blender users lurking around here.

I reckon quite a few lurkers will be some of the most talented. Let’s face it when you are posting all the time on Elysiun, you ain’t blendin’. I would like them to come forward too but I would hate for them to stop doing good things. If they are posting on with great artwork then I don’t want to try and distract them from that.

One of the annoyances of posting on any forum rather than straight to a gallery is all the posts asking how they did it and how long it took and can they post a blend etc. If you are on the receiving end of that, some might take it well but others maybe don’t want to have to deal with it. It’s not just about having guts.

Well Jean, let me explain this to you…


I am certain it is due to a lack of time.

[Edit] Sorry, seems my sarcaasm meter is faulty, ignore this. [/Edit]


I am certain it is due to a lack of time.

[Edit] Sorry, seems my sarcaasm meter is faulty, ignore this. [/Edit]


It wasn’t so bad timed. :smiley:


I’m not a closeted user. It’s just that all the experiments I’ve done so far are ugly as heck;-)

Did anyone stop to consider that perhaps real “professionals” using blender don’t have time for the adolescent and non-professional nature of elysiun?

Elysiun certainly has it’s place. That is evident by the traffic here. I’m just not so sure that it overlaps that much with the “pro or semi-pro” user.

I don’t mean to bash elysiun, it just doesn’t have the same professionalism as say cgchat or cgtalk for example.

Elysiun doesn’t represent the majority of blender users. Just the 12 year old n00bs, and crotchety old men.

As well as Alltaken, who’s existence is still unexplained. I hope to gain more information once I get a hold of his body…


One remark though :

so, why aren’t these mature Blender users on CGTalk either ?

<edit>Well, I guess that that remark ranks me high in the hierarchy of crotchety (and smart assed) old men here.</edit>




Not like that sthilly.

When posting to the gallery, are you supposed to send screenshots and .blends as well? Virtually proving you’ve used Blender?
If it’s not any good 3D artist can submit anything to any contest or gallery using whatever program to get some recognition.

I just came up with it, so I know I would.

Most cg pros do not post work to galleries as most of their focus on presentation of work is directed at clients.

I would say that cg pros who are freelancers, people looking for jobs and hobbyist post most of the work on galleries.

Though I wouldn’t class myself as a “lurker” most of the Blender work I produce is used for commercial purposes. In most cases it is nothing fancy so I don’t post them for general viewing (Boss: “can you put our logo into 3D?” CurtisS: “Sure. No problem…” CurtisS fires up good ol’ Blender).
These days, I get little time to check out Elysiun much less CGTalk.

Merry Christmas, everyone!