closing a loop

following the bezier curves tutorial to get an outline around a shape I wanted to draw, I am having some trouble with the final step, connecting the first and last points. I have drawn out all the points, gotten the curves just right, and now only need the last line going straight from the last to the first point. the tutorial says select the point and push C, but nothing happens when I do. What else do I have to do?

Alt+C in edit mode or press the ‘Toggle Cyclic’ button in the toolshelf (T) or the Curves / Toggle Cyclic menu entry

OK, it’s connected, but now I have a really long loop overhanging both ends, is there any way of making the line shorter? I’ve looked and can’t see anything.

oh, never mind, I’ve figured it out now, why didn’t that work before?
thank you, all done now :slight_smile:

Adjust the curve handles

Or perhaps not finished. When it says push F9 to open the edit buttons menu and locate curves and surfaces, and F9 does nothing either, where do I go from here?

what is wrong with my copy of blender? the buttons don’t do anything like they should. C doesn’t close the loop, F9 doesn’t bring up a menu and now Alt+C doesn’t give the option of converting to a mesh.