Closing a Path - Not making it solid

I have a logo where i have a dragon silhouette that the client wants cut out of cylinder. I was able to create the silhouette with a path, but I find no way to close a path that doesn’t involve filling it. Since this is a shape within a shape to extrude so the dragon is the negative space, how do I go about doing this in Blender 2.61?

Any suggestions are welcome.

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If I understand, you want to fill the segment by [f] like with a regular mesh - and you’re right, all 2D curves will fill.

To make it negative space shift-select your outline and [Ctrl+j]. Now the shape will have a hole cut into it.


If your dragon is a path (not a mesh) then just draw a circle path around it (add the circle in edit mode, not as a separate object!). The inner path (your dragon) is automatically subtracted. Then play with the extrude settings in the properties panel to make it 3d.
(Reading rking’s answer again, I think he’s saying the same thing (to join your two shapes), so sorry if I just repeated… :slight_smile: )