"Closing" A Side

Not sure how to state my question, so I’ll just try to make it simple as possible.

Suppose you had a cube, and you deleted one on the sides of it - how do you get that side back?

Am not asking just for a cube, but for any object with an opening like that, like maybe turning a tube into a cylinder, or even just a bunch of vertices that have been extruded away from an object.


Mr. Head

Select the four verts defining the missing face and press the “f” key.


That worked in so far as just a cube was concerned, but what about in a more complex setting? I keep getting a “No Faces Selected to Make FGon” error.

Like this - http://www.marketproductions.com/blender/faces.jpg


Mr Head

BTW, I really got a lot out of your two video tutorials on UV texturing and Subsurfs! Ty again. :slight_smile:

Select 3 verts or 4 to make a face - you gant make a face with more than 4 sides.
You can make 2 quad faces and a tri face out of that :slight_smile:

Attached a feeble diag of what I mean :¬/


Just do “shift-f, alt-f, alt-j”.

Great way to do it!
Always learning on here :slight_smile:

Here’s a little tutorial I did some time ago:

Blender wiki: Tutorials/Fill Faces
There are a lot of ways to “fill” or “close” a hole in the mesh and i try to show it all there. Fee free to add new ways.