Closing down aricles

New, brilliant idea - closing down your own articles. For example, I opened a question about an hour ago, however as I progressed through the building of my asset, I found the answer myself. So, would it be possible for you, my fellow developers, to create an option of closing down our own articles?

Another solution is to answer your own question as it can be relevant for other people asking the same thing. Of course it depends on the question itself if it’s worth doing but the approach is a common concept (e.g.


Just add your answer and tag with #solved


I agree, otherwise this forum looks more and more like a free technical support service, where the user only thinks of himself and not the other users that could have a similar problem, without possibilities to socialize, add opinions, debate. I am not interested in providing free technical support here, if I do not have the possibility to express myself freely without being censored.

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