Closing gap without ugly mesh and shade

I tried closing the gap with “Fill” but it gives me an ugly mesh, and the shading gets distorted. Is there a better way to do this? The “12” is engraved.

That’s more a case for bridge edge loops. Select the edge loop of the outer section, shift select the edge loop of the inner and then bridge, it will give you a much cleaner result. I’d also do a bit of tidying up on the connecting edges as well which would avoid some errors.

I Cleander up the mesh of this “4”. How do I make a cap on the top and bottom, while keeping the inner triangle open?

When I do “bridge edge loops”, it wil cover the whole “12” so that it becomes hidden.

See here:

You only want the outer edge. A quick way to do that, select the whole inner section when unconnected from the outer part. then choose select boundary loop. As for the ‘4’, you just have to build the geometry carefully by making a face between edges.

I have done a video showing the process, plus a bit of clean-up / refining I tend to do. Hope you find it useful.


Hi Colin,

Thanks for the effort to make a video, really appreciate it! I was making this 12 sided dice as a way to excercise with modelling. I now realize that putting on all the numbers is quite a tidy process, so maybe I’'ll only make a still render instead of an animation. In that way, I only have to number one side of the dice.

Did you know you could work in Fullscreen mode in Blender? Window > Toggle Window Fullscreen. If you want to show your Desktop you can use Windows + D.

Yep, I do use fullscreen occasionally, but like my outliner & properties visible normally.
Also, for a dice, unless you specifically want the numbers indented, you can use either decals or image textures on the sides.

The Fullscreen mode, hides the Windows taskbar and the topbar, so that you have more space to work with :slight_smile:

Its great to see people taking the time to help this :+1: and also watch someone get out of little issues as they model. Thanks for this.

Your welcome. I try not to “polish” my videos, I think seeing how you can dig yourself into trouble then get out of it is sometimes more instructive than just getting it perfect, because it’s rare in the real world you get to do perfect. :wink:

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Ohh, believe me, I can dig myself into a hole perfectly :wink:

It’s the only way to learn how to get yourself out of a hole :wink: