Closing of (real / drilled) holes and inner parts in Meshes

Do someone knows a way, an Addon or an affordable (!) 3rd party software for optimising (CAD) mesh data?

I need a way to close real / drilled holes or inner parts in mesh objects that comes from CAD tools like in the example below. I know all ways how to do it manually. What I’m looking for is an automatic way.

In pixyz studio for example ( you have ways to do such things (and more) just by clicking on a button. No joke, I’ve tested it. But unfortunately pixyz studio costs around 1.800 Euros (2.000 $US) per year and there’s no monthly fee model, neither a full license to buy.

So if someone of you had similar problems: Do you know a serious alternative software for pixys studio that offers same mesh optimising tools?

Best wishes

Image below. I have (1) and I want (2) as a result, by just clicking on a button:

Maybe you can show your best workflow to inspire an add-on dev?? Here’s mine:

Ring select hole faces, delete, for both hole edges: circle select edge, collapse.

Maybe for an addon (for deleteing one hole) the vertices can be remembered in a temporaly vertex group, then randomly select one and successively all neighbours in that group (one edge), collapse, select all others, collapse (del vert group)?
For deleting all holes… that’s the reason why pixyz cost what it costs…

I’ve already batch routines in Blender for your suggested solution. But if you have 500 objects and more in a scene, it’s not fun… As I wrote: I already know the ways how to do it manually or by help of some python code, but still you have to click per hole etc. That’s too time consuming.

I suggest the Action Recorder Addon for everyone, who must repeat same modeling procedures daily: