Closing up the hole in a mesh

By any chance, would there happen to be some Blender button or menu option I’ve overlooked that can close a hole in mesh, by filling it with a mesh of faces?

I was modeling this cavern-like passage with rough walls, using fractal subdivision, but the fractal subdivision created some really nasty bee-hive like messes at the bends of the tunnel. I deleted those parts, but now I’m having to stitch the edges back together by hand (four vertices at a time) and it is a real pain. I can’t use the merge tool because that unites everything at one center vertex, instead of giving me a bunch of vertices I can adjust to make them look like the rest of the wall.

I do not know which version of Blender you are currently using.

2.49 has a large number of “edge loop tools”, of which one of them allows you to select the EDGES around a hole or between two strips of faces and press the F key to access a menu for filling with faces. (MY THANKS TO THE AUTHOR/S OF THOSE TOOLS)

As far as I know,(and please correct me if I am wrong someone), 2.5+ 2.6, still do not have a comprehensive set of edge tools.

You can speed up the “facing” process by selecting opposing EDGES instead of vertex so you are only clicking on two items instead of four, but until the edge tools are fully implemented, I will still use 2.49 for most of my modelling work, because the edge tools are SO helpful.

Do not delete vertex, delete only edges, or you end up with more areas removed than you need.

I avoid using fractal methods where possible, because the result is too uncontrolled.

Always save your .blend file to a new name before you apply “randomised” functions to an object. This allows you to go back if something does not work out as you wish.

For now you could use retopology and remodel over the cave, this can allow you to cut down on the number of faces and neaten the mesh. There are a number of tutorial and information at Blender Wiki to guide you on retopology.

Sorry I cannot be more help at the moment.



Alt+F will fill a region but give you a mess. For making multiple faces at oe use the bridge function in the LoopTools addon.

There’s a new addon bridge tool? I’ll check that out now! Thanks Richard.