I have an open surface with several points connected by triangles. This the half part of an airplane. The simmetry plane is the lacking face. In order to perform an aerodynamical simulation I need to draw a box surrounding the airplane with one face deformed according to the airplane face, i.e. the airplane subtracted to the box. The deformed face corresponds to the simmetry plane of the airplane. Is there anyone which can help me about that?

I tried closing the surface with several triangles (very boring) even if the points should be planar and then I should transform the surface into a solid. finally I should use a boolean operator to subtract the airplane to the box.

the airplane is in the attached file.

thanks! Francesco


airplane.blend (545 KB)

you got a very nice shape there, looking good .

but you need to change your modeling technic a bit.
this way you can model with out connecting single vertices

first you have 3389 faces (allot) and and 8120 doubles (allot allot allot very :slight_smile: )
i made a sample of plane body next to your plane body

what i did is creating a circle . extrude to x Axis and scale a bit
and again and again ,

also try using this link
they will guide you , when you understand the concept you can create your own airplane easly
by your self

hope i am helping
(although i didnt understand completely what was the question:-) )


airplane.blend (586 KB)

you could also use Nurbs surface to model this if you have all the cross section

but it depends on the final resolution you need

check out the wiki page on auto skinning with Nurbs curves

it can be use to model ships boats or airplanes
and is relatively easy to use ounce you get use to it!

good luck

happy blendering