cloth animation problems

Hi All,

Blender 2.48 on windows XP

I an dropping a cloth on a solid object with collision turned on, If I bake the cloth in the cloth collision tab, all goes well but if I go to the anim tab and press anim, I just get the same first frame rendered over and over again, even if I advance the frame to halfway through the animation and just render, I still just get the first frame. It’s driving me mad, any thoughts any1?



I am obviously having trouble understanding some concept or other here. The mash representing my fabric was duplicated mid animation and copied back to the first frame which doesn’t seem to yield the desired results by using ALT-C to convert object type to mesh seems to have fixed the problem although I don’t know why?

Any one want to fill me with knowledge?

I am having the same problem, only with softbody objects. I can add a new object, turn on collision and softbody, set softbody attributes, and bake the simulation, and after this sometimes I can render and see the right results. But after rendering once, if I change attributes of the object, free the bake, bake again, and render, I will see only the first frame for all the renders, as the OP mentioned for cloth. Since they are related physics simulations, I figured there might be a common process at work here. Does anyone have the answer? I’m sure it’s head-slappingly simple, but I haven’t found it…

I have the same problem as described above, except with softbodies. When I add a new mesh object, I set collision and softbody properties (no goal, not static actor), and turn on ‘actor’ for that object. I can bake and render one time (usually), but if I change anything on the object, it seems that even though I free the bake and rebake, I will never be able to render this object’s softbody animation/interactions again; each frame rendered has the position and rotation of the first frame; it does nothing. Nothing I have tried will get an object in this state to render properly again. I can see it animating properly when baking the softbody solution and when using alt-A to playback. But the renders do nothing. Anyone have any ideas?