Cloth as an obstacle

Hi everybody,
I would like to make an animation, in which a cloth (which is moving) serves as an obstacle for a fluid. So, the obstacle is different in every frame. When I try it, only the cloth object as it is in the first frame serves as an obstacle and it stays like that for the whole animation.
Related to that, how do I convert a cloth animation into a mesh, so that the cloth object is converted to an object with different shape keys for every frame? Is there a way?


To get the cloth object as keyframes, you have to export it using an Add_On Called “NewTek Import / Export .mdd format.”

Then you select your cloth object and re-import the .mdd file. That way it has baked keyframes and should be useable in the fluid sim.

Thanks that helped, now I have shape keys and not the cloth simulator anymore in my animation.
I however realized that shape keys are not taken into account when I use it as an object in a fluid simulation. My only idea is to make separate objects for every frame and move them in and out of the domain for every frame. This however seems really awkward. Any idea how this could be easier?

Thanks again!!

Not sure it’s any easier, but if your fluid will respond to moving obstacles (but not shape-changing ones), perhaps it would be possible to create a non-rendering “pseudo-surface” for the fluid to hit, using low-poly primitives vertex-parented to your shape-keyed object. For example, a number of vertices in the cloth/shapekeyed obstacle would have small objects (planes, mesh circles, icospheres, etc.), as children, and as the parent shape changes the child objects also move around, though they themselves would always retain the same shape. If these can deflect the fluid, maybe it would do so with enough accuracy to fake the effect you’re looking for. Maybe worth a test?