Cloth Ball

Mmmm, cloth… and a ball…

check it out here:

Hey nice!

Is it a softbody? ,…and if it is, how did you get it so smooth :smiley:


Blend file please!?!

Hahaha, well thanks for the compliments. Unfortunately I have no blend file to give you… it was not made with blender. It was made with Cinema 4D. I think that until Blender gets an actual cloth simulation engine, pics like this will not be possible. The big problem is that blender only has each face effect the faces around it for soft-body. Thus: the more subdivision, the less it looks like cloth…

Maybe we can look forward to models like this being made with blender in later versions. :smiley:

Haha bashing blender like that. Go to cgtalk with that please. They could use the laughs more than us.

You should mention that it was made with cinema in the beginning.

Well, I wanted to see if you guys could figure it out, which they did. Besides… it is a “Finished Project” so I dont see the problem if it was made with a different program.

And no, I was not bashing Blender. Blender is my favorite 3D program, even if it’s still missing a few bits.

Okey maybe you´re right but still. This is a blender forum. People expect blender work. Next time take it in considiration.

This is a blender forum. People expect blender work. Next time take it in considiration.

I think they expect that because it is all they see. IMPO it is nice to see renders with other programs used once in a while. So in other words, it doesn’t bother me. Just one opinion of many I am sure.

This is a Blender forum, dedicated to Blender-generated artwork.
It is not unreasonable to believe that implies Blender-generated artwork be posted here instead of stuff from other 3D apps. If you want to see stuff from other apps, visit:
etc. or the home forum of any given other 3D application.

The model was obviously not generated with Blender.

That said, I am not adamantly against the occasional post created with other software by our blenderheads, but I also think it reasonable that such posts should be clearly marked by what software they were produced (since it wasn’t the assumptive Blender). That’s just part of the standard tag-line for 3D work.

heh, not bad, lets not get angry about it not made with bender, calm down people :wink:

This forum is actually allowed to have finished projects from other programs, but it makes sense really only if the person is part of the blender community and may use it at least in some other form =P

That and, yeah saying it was made in 4D in the initial post is a pretty default thing to do in a Blender community forum.

Thats all I have to say, no biggy, cool cloth, i think blender is getting close, as the cloth loving guy of Orange team im pushing and pushing to see what can be done, maye take a little while, but only as better things put into blender first! =D

The old TopixCloth script could easily accomplish this model within blender, subsurfs n all. (Not sure if it works with the latest blender/python, tho…)

Well, sorry for making you angry bigbad and Duoas, I was just trying to be funny, but im no commedian. Don’t worry, im a blendhead and all, I just like cloth in 4D (I dont have the latest CVS of blender, so I dont get the newest cloth updates).

I’m not angry. I’m just saying that if you use other software you should let us know how you did it. If you don’t specify, we assume Blender did it.

Can we make a similar- or better- image with Blender?
Nothing wrong with showing renders from other progs, as long as this is clearly stated.

Maybe Douas isnt mad but I`M FURIUOS :x :x AAARRRRGGHHH turning into a big green muscular monster ARRGHHH :x ripping apart lots of papers in rage ARRRRRRGGHHHHH. I DESTROY LOCO AARRRGGGHHH :x


Well, I tried softbodies and I could get the cloth to look better than that, the one thing I couldn’t do however was figure out how to get the friggin plane to have collision with the sphere.

Try TopixCloth. I think it requires Python 2.3, so you’ll need a 2.38 or earlier version of Blender.

TopixCloth used to be used by XSI Softimage, but it has some serious drawbacks, so XSI now uses SyFlex. I don’t think SyFlex has any plans to support Blender right now (for financial reasons), which is too bad since it’s currently the best there is out there.

The TopixCloth code also has a questionable legal status. You can still safely use it, but no further development will ever be done on it since the developers won’t respond to clarification requests.

To be nice I didn’t before say anything, but TopixCloth is incapable of producing the kind of image lococobra posted. It can get pretty close, but you’ll never see the pretty folds in his picture.
Also, you’ll be unable to do clothing with it. If that’s what you’re looking for you’re better off playing with Tom’s softbodies. Search the forum; I’ve responded to several “how to make clothes” threads already.

Good luck.

Here’s a quick Blender example using softbody. The cloth is a plane mesh subdivided a few times and then subsurf’d. A normal texture and colour texture are applied to the mesh after setting up UV coordinates. The floor and sphere are setup as deflectors.

OK it’s more towel than cloth - I didn’t have a lot of time to mess about with settings - but I hope you get the idea that all things are possible with blender :wink: As long as your mesh is constructed with uniform patches the softbody simulation is very good.

Here Here!

high fives

This above blender example is very nice, but slightly misleading - you can’t do that with arbitrary geometry, becasue the collision detection isn’t good enough. It works very well with a sphere though.

(things may have changed since last took a look here - prove me wong? drop the towel on suzanne and let’s see how it looks.)