Cloth Ball

… monkey can monkey do!!! For the sake of time it’s not a very good render.

The simulation is good but you have to provide it with good data. Subdivide as much as you can and turn on that subsurf! The cloth should generally have smaller geometry the the things it interacts with.

tip - I removed the majority of the geometry of the monkey that was not going to be involved in the simulation, e.g. on the under side, by selecting all the patches, shrinking it to a dot and removing duplicate vertices. This greatly improves the simulation speed. I then got a standin for the final render with subsurf.

… all things are possible with blender



Point Conceded!

How long did it take to simulate that?

To simulate it took about an hour to do 100 frames - with 10 key frames which is not perfect for actual animation but very suitable for stills. I could have made it less by removing - consolidating - the gemoetry of the monkey a lot more.

The placement of the suzanne standin isn’t perfect but I was in a rush.

BTW - The monkey model used for the simulation was subserfed (setting of 2) and applied to convert it to physical geometry which could then be edited.

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Tio Ilmo

We ain’t dual’in. Mrmunkily’s a long term blender head and was simply pointing out a potential issue with my response. Just clarifying a point.

perhaps you could post a blend file or your settings? I would love to use this on my next project.

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testing a 10 times faster collision detection


no shame in that bjornmose :slight_smile:

I’ll download the test build and give it a go.

I’ll post a .blend, some tips and the results on speed in a new post.