Cloth Banner modelling

Hello Blender Heads.

I’ve seen a few tutorials on how to make cloth,but they are how to simulate cloth onto another object.
I don’t want to animate a cloth, but rather how to model one. So has anyone spotted any tutorials?
This here is an example what im trying to achieve, simple cloth just draping onto a horizontal pole:

  1. Create a plane with the right dimensions as the flag.
  2. UV the image of the flag to the plane.
  3. add a solidify modifier to give your plane a little thickness.
  4. create a vertex group to the top of the plane.
  5. Add a cloth modifier to the plane.
  6. run the cloth simulation.
  7. go through the animation and find the frame where the cloth looks the way you want it to.
  8. apply the cloth modifier.
  9. Tweak the new model anyway you like.

Your done.