Cloth blowing in wind physics settings?


I am trying to achieve the effect of a cloth, such as a flag, blowing in wind, however I can’t seem to get the correct results. My cloth just dangles in air and gives the impression that there is no wind at all. So could somebody please tell me which physics soft body settings I should mess with to get the desired effect?

Thank you.

armature + a rigid body system, so the wind effects the rigged body? set the rigid body mass low,

and do

always------and------------force Z+ 9.7*mass World

and then use python to make the wind gusty, and add some damping to the rigid body

Thanks a lot!

I am kinda new to programming. I still have a lot to learn so I am not quite sure how to program complex things like wind. Thanks for the info though!

Here’s a simple script that applies random forces along X axis:

import bge
import random

wind = 1

own = bge.logic.getCurrentController().owner

(untested with softbodies)

Thank you very much! Works perfectly!