Cloth Cape to Follow Man?

Hey guys,

I’m doing a animation for a project in my U.S. History class. It is based around a presentation we have tomorrow on “Why our topic is the most influential in History” . I ended up picking Conspiracies before I knew we had to do this project! So, for my 2 min presentation I am making a short little animation that conveys 3 different conspiraces throughout history!

Anyways on to my problem! (And, btw this is due tomorrow!) I have a cloth cape that I want to add at a certain time in my animation (frame count 450, but I can restart the animation if that would be easier at 1) I was wondering if you guys could help me get the cloth to ‘connect’, so to say, to the back of my man so it could look awesome etc! I know there might be some simple solution but I need it… And, I need it fast!

Thanks in advance!!


The answer is with vertex groups.

From this page: -

Pinning of cloth
Cloth in action.

The first thing you need when pinning cloth are Vertex Groups. There are several ways of doing this including using the Weight Paint tool to paint the areas you want to pin (see the Weight paint section of the manual).
Once you have a vertex group set, things are pretty straightforward, all you have to do is press the Pinning of cloth button in the Cloth panel and select which vertex group you want to use, and the stiffness you want it at. You can leave the stiffness as it is, default value is fine.

This is from Blender 2.4, so the interface is out of date, but the principle is the same: Use weight-paint mode to create a vertex group for the sections of the cape attached to the guy, then select the tick pox “pinning” in the Cloth panel, and select the name of the vertex group you created in the box below.

Thanks for the reply! I’m having the problem that even when I create a group it only wants to ‘see’ the group I made on the cloth itself to stop it from falling and if I remove it from that group and move the weight paint to that group it just falls tothe ground… I tried using a cube and a plain just to see if I could get it to work… But the cloth doesn’t even see a group when I didn’t make a group out of the cloth… Thanks in advance and please hurry!!

Hmmmm- I did a little test, and it worked for me - a subdivided plane with two corners painted completely red in weight paint mode - it flopped down under gravity apart from those two corners. On that page I linked to, have a look at the Flag example at the bottom of the page - it’s the same in principle to what you’re doing.