Cloth Collision faiL

Alright,. So, vie been trying to use cloths for forever now. For a second, I actually got it working, but then I put on a subsurface mod and it broke again. I tried turning subsurf off, but it was still broken.

My question is this,… WHY DOES MY CLOTH ALWAYS FALL THROUGH MY OBJECTS??? I have collisions on everything that needs it, but the cloth still falls down maybe 20 feet and then stops as soon as I go into object mode. If I simulate, it just keeps falling.


Make sure you are in Object mode when simulating. And also clear the sim cache before you start.
If nothing helps, remove all sim properties and copy the cloth and collision objects and paste them into a fresh new empty blender instance. Setup your sim there, and copy the result back to your original file.

Clear cache? Never heard of such a thing. How would I do this

It’s in the cloth properties (Delete Bake).
Probably not the issue anyway, if you never heard of it.

Think you sir. I just brought it to a new document and did it there.