Cloth Collision in 2.80

For the sake of completeness, I’m using whatever 2.80 beta version was posted on the Blender site on January 3, 2019.

The attached image: this is the back of the plane that I added specifically for collision. Its cycles settings have it camera-invisible so it never renders; it exists only to provide collision for the cloth. The problem is, it’s the back side of the plane shown in the image. The cloth is going right through it and it’s wasting no time in making a pedal-to-the-metal kamikaze run for the back side of the plane. Initially I left all the collision values at their defaults; that should prevent at least most of what this image is showing. Instead of providing collision, the plane in question seems to be attracting the cloth through it. 98% of the cloth is where it should never be. Collision is fully enabled on the cloth; the settings shown are for the plane.

What idiot mistake am I making? Thanks!

A bit of a late reply, but this can simply be fixed by disabling “Single Sided” in the collider settings. This is a new option that was added to prevent cloth from getting stuck inside characters, and it is enabled by default, as it is most common to use collisions on manifold meshes. In the case of non-manifold meshes you would usually want to disable this option.


Actually this particular graphic has been on hold since I posted this. I have a lot of other stuff to keep me busy, but the graphic in question is still an integral part of the whole. So … you’re not late at all. I had no idea that setting was there, and I’m sure it will fix the issue. VERY much appreciated, thank you!!!

Glad it was helpful!