Cloth collision problem

Please Help! the blanket won’t fall directly on the bed It falls just above it. I even set the collision distance as you can see in the screenshot to its minimum. All advice is appreciated!

edit: I increase the thickness which works but I don’t want it any thicker than this

After creating it, find the frame that you are happy with, then Alt + C to convert to mesh, and then
move it down along the Z axis. (this from Blender Guru’s Arch Academy.)

ohhh no i forgot to mention this is for an animation. Its not just an image. A character is going to be moving under it.

Post the blend.

have you applied the scale, rotation and location of both the bed and the sheet before baking the sim? (Ctrl-a)


It may be that your bed collision “Outer” parameter is to large.

Good luck,

Luca Rood

the cloth and all collision objects should be on the same layer, not sure if you have done this.

ohhhh yes my bed outer perimeter was to large. Thx Luca Rood!!