Cloth Collision

How to make the cloth collision effect with rigid body object in Blender ?

Please help. Thank you.


You can’t. Blender’s cloth sim doesn’t pass any information back to other objects, so your rigid body will eventually clip through the cloth and continue on its way.

You can, however, fake the effect.

First, drop your rigid body object onto the cloth and let it deform the cloth. Watch for the lowest realistic point in the cloth’s downward stretch (you’ll kind of have to eyeball it). Create another object, a plane for instance, and set it as a passive Rigid Body. Place it right at that low point in the cloth sim. Set the Bounciness value of both that plane and your Rigid Body cube to something higher. Try 1.0 to start with.

Then there’s one last step that is less obvious. The cloth was cached when the cube was just falling straight through, so it doesn’t take the bounce into account. If your cube bounces up and then falls right back down, it will just pass through without interacting a second time. Go to the Cloth Cache panel for your cloth plane and hit Free Bake, then run the whole thing one more time.

Here’s a demo file: BouncyCloth.blend (535 KB)

Thank you very much ! I’ll try it now


Now I can do it! Million thanks for your kind advice and share your file.

Glad to help. Now the real trick is to get this technique to work for something less trivial than a cube falling on a cloth plane. :evilgrin: But hey, at least you can manage a trampoline with this.