Cloth dynamics

Take a look at this picture here:

So the figure here is wearing a very multicolored jacket with a black undershirt underneath.

How do I make the bottom ends of the jacket “sway” using cloth simulation?

Since I only wanted the bottom part to sway, I retextured the model to make it just the black undershirt underneath (because if it swayed and showed the multicolor again, that’s just weird), then made a plane, extruded it over the figure and pinned the plane to the torso.

The problem is that it doesn’t really look like it’s connected, and it looks like it was cut halfway.

I’ve considered texturing it without the jacket altogether, but then I was worried about it colliding with itself and glitching really bad.

So the question now is this: how exactly do I do what I’m trying to do?

If you don’t want folds in the fabric, don’t bother with the Cloth sim. What is the rest of the animation doing while the jacket is “swaying?” If it’s something as simple as a walk cycle, then the sway could be done with shape keys, or for a very basic motion, by keyframing the jacket object itself. Even more complex motions can be handled with a set of shape keys. For example, take a look at the end of the belt on my showreel character – it flops back and forth as she moves. No sim there, just shape keys set up to mimic the proper action of a loose belt end. A sim could have been used but it would have been more complex than needed, and with shapes I control the animation exactly.

I want a cloth simulation because it’s going to be more than just a walk cycle. More like a parkour or combat scene, and I’d rather have a cloth simulator handle that. How do I do so?