Cloth FX - Physics Sim Rendering Issues

Recently purchased AFX-LAB’s Cloth FX addon. It’s a seemingly powerful tool, but it’s been a rough time getting up and running without a lot of literature out on the addon.
See these images for reference:

I can get my sim looking great in the viewport. Rendered view in the viewport even looks good. Problem is, as soon as I go to render my animation the sim is broken and the mesh sometimes looks distorted (triangulated isn’t the right word, but a lot of artifacts). Often after an F12 render when I return to solid viewport mode the mesh/sim contains a ton of artifacts and glitches and I have to undo several steps randomly until the correct sim appears.
I’ve tried rendering without baking the cache and vice versa. No luck either way. I’ve removed materials, tried different render settings… just about everything I can think of to no avail. Not sur eif this is an addon bug or not.
I would love these results in a project I’m working on for a client. Any help is appreciated.

Post a screenshot of your modifier stack on the cloth.