Cloth: how to drive it?

Hi all,

I’d like to know if it’s possible to control some parts of a cloth objects, moving these parts using other objects on the scene.
So, let’s say we’ve a simple plane as cloth object. The plane stay still on the floor and then I move it using, let’s say, a cylinder (or any other objects). As I would do in real life taking a towel or a sheet from a angle of it.
Is there any tutorial or documentation around?
I’m reading the wiki on line but I still haven’t found anything about this matter…

I’m about testing cloth values and behaviours on a caracter… I’ll tell you if i get any smart results… :wink:

Thanks for your reply almux.
So, you can confirm that there is no documentation about this topic… right?

There is, not from Blender, I’ll post the link when I get on my PC.

Great! thanks Dykam and

Thanks PapaSmurf. It looks that the hook solution is what I’m looking for.

By the way, the flag blend file in the first link doesnt’ work as expected: if you move the Cylinder the flag doesn’t follow the Cylinder as it should.

Anyhow I’ve thought to give it a try. Following the hook reference ( I’m trying to use the Cylinder as main controller.
So, in edit mode, I’ve selected all the points those are close to the cylinder and via right click added the cyllinder to the selection. Then CTRL+ H, Add to selected object.
Now, it looks that something is working, but in a weird way: when I move the cylinder the flag seems to follow it, but it gets deformed. Also, when I start the animation (CTRL + A) the flag moves at a crazy speed.
Surely I’m doing something wrong…

I’ve attached the file.


Cloth-flag2-1.blend (276 KB)

Ha! Ha! No, i don’t confirm such, because there are always plenty of explanations to be found! Not always directly specified as one would wish… but to cover each and every individual demand is almost impossible in usual general documentations.
By chance, there are forums to point out preciser needs! And, like with PapaSmurf’s links, here, any reader of a thread can have precious hints to go on the right way… :wink:

Yes, I see almux. The thing is I was thinking that finding resources about this topic was hard since I searched a lot around but no luck… but finally here you’re giving me a lot of stuff to study :slight_smile:

The tree hides a forest… Find one thing and you’ll see a million other to try out! That’s why i took the habit to always do stuff with what i allready can do. It all comes as time goes by… Would i want to first learn everything and only than poor out artworks, i’d be dead far too soon to create anything at all! :wink:

Reading the hook wiki I’ve found this:

Note that this system doesn't work with the Mesh Vertex Groups (yet), but instead provides a generic method for all Object types

So, I think the hook is not the best solution for this problem.

I think what you’re looking for is “Pinning” of cloth . . .