cloth image

here is an image I tried to do with cloth
I think I did pretty well.
there are no scripts or python involved.
and if you cant see it there is a ring inside.

hey looks very nice.
any special tricks? :slight_smile:

i tried something like that but it didn’T look that good…

Very good shading work. And nice representation of cloth

I did alot of fractal subdivide for the edges on the floor and the sides and top. soo I will post one with a closer look.


Looks a little nicer around the edges then the first, but not much difference

Quite nice actually. Both the materials and model look good :slight_smile:

Looks great, the only thing that seems wrong to me is the far left corner of the material. From the shadow there it looks like that section of the material is actually floating above the floor.

oops! got to fix that update soon