Cloth is colliding with some objects but not all

I’m having a bed with 2 characters in it and now I want to throw a blanket over them. I’m in 2.83.2 rn.

My problem is, that I can’t understand when the blanket wants to collide with certain objects and when it doesnt. as you can see in the screenshot, I got it to collde with both characters, yet not with the bed. I guess I tweaked every parameter in the cloth simulation and looked whether it would work out.

Also: Since there is a object collision tab on the cloth, I would expect this stuff to be so advanced, that it would automatically collide with all objects its coming across. But to even make it collide with the characters, I sometimes seem to have to put a collision physics on them, for it to work, which seems odd to me.
So please someone tell me whats the big master plan behind this. :slight_smile:

Yes, you’ll have to add collision to all the objects interacting with the cloth (not on the cloth itself). It’s how simulations work in Blender, there’s no way for the software to know whether objects should or should not interact otherwise.

Ah, thanks.

Btw: The problem with the bed itself was, that the normals were facing the wrong way.

Yes, inversed normals may pose a problem. I’m not sure but I can imagine the normals are used in the simulation.