Cloth land at floor

I have made a cloth as slide down the sphere,( but the cloth go through the floor. )

Can you advice me. I want the cloth to land at the yellow floor, but I dont know how.

Thanks in advance:)


BlueCloth_.blend (350 KB)

You just need to set the ground object to have Collision, just like you did for the sphere.

Cire, your advice work perfect
Thank you.

This time, I try to add two more spheres and select all spheres 3 and floor in colision. I have all set at one ground object.

My gool is to let the carpet slide down all 3 spheres.

First sphere work fine, but the other the carpet going trough.

Can you advice me

Thank you


Tripple.Spheres_.blend (556 KB)

The other spheres have the Collision option turned off. Turn it on and it should works.

Also you’re missing the selfCollision turned on on the cloth.

Thanks for helping phoenixart. I vill star all over and make a new one… I have som trubble with the camera to

Thank you.

Which kind of trouble with the camera?

Every time I use Camera View, I see this. Everything is green. Same when I render. Never happens before.

Thank you


It looks like you’ve set the green sphere to be the camera.

To fix it, select the actual camera and use [Ctrl+NumPad0].

I made a new one, from scratch.

Not so bad.
Please, comment my result. Maybe lights is poor
< >

seems like your video has been deleted…

Strange. I dont know what happen.
here is a new one < >