cloth modeled in rest pose: now what?

hi people!
I’m messing with the cloth interface. I want to give my model a shirt; I’ve done this using cloth, and it work nice.
but now to animate, I’d like to start from one of my action poses (nothing like the rest pose), and then start the animation from there. is there a way to get the cloth to simulate to my starting pose without having to put frames in front of my animation?

thank you for your trouble!

if anyone has a work-around for this issue, I’d really appreciate it.

you need to model the shirt in T-pose, then have ur character get into the pose while the cloth sim figures out how to change the cloth to move it with the body.

hi papasmurf; thanks for replying; I basically have the shirt in the resting pose. but for these game-animations, a specific move is rendered from the start to the finish of that move; then a different move from another starting position; the cloth gets completely lost when I want a different starting position. its gonna be near impossible to make versions of the cloth for every starting position.

You make an animation from rest pose to the start pose over, say 100 frames. That’ll get the cloth into a decent start position (hopefully). Then, apply the cloth modifier to the shirt at frame 100, and you have a pre-fitted starting point for the rest of the sim.

yes, but that would be a problem, since there’s a new start position every 10 frames or so, and there’s 20-50 animations in one file. I can’t really scoot them all up a 100 frames like that. it would also mess up the script that imports the animations for use.

You could always weight paint the shirt entirely to the armature, this way you can pose and it will move along with the position of the bones.

make sure to de- weight paint it before starting the animation pice.

hope this works im not entirely sure

oh! that’s a brilliant idea! thanks!