Cloth modeling

Hey, I hope this is in the right section. I’m currently trying to do some clothing modeling using the cloth physics, however I can’t seem to get the cloth to actually collide exactly with the character mesh. Instead the collision occurs some units around the mesh meaning if I were to want to take the results and do further editing to the mesh I would need to first scale the clothing down quite a bit to be more form fitting. There are no intersections with the character mesh prior to running the simulation, and the shape appears correct, just a fair bit larger then the character it’s supposed to be colliding with.

Perhaps the clothing is too low polly. Or you could try shrinking the original.

That’s definitely not the problem as I’ve applied a subsurf modifier to the clothing which actually makes it at least double the resolution of the character. I’ve been shrinking the clothing around the character, but if I get it too close it actually explodes outwards before settling back down on were it seems to think the character is.

EDIT: I found out what was wrong. Apparently my character mesh is quite small so the default Min Distance value of 0.015 was too inaccurate, so changing it to 0.001 fixed it rather well.