Cloth modifier stops working on duplicated meshes


To make my rabbit model’s ears floppy I use a cloth modifier. It works exactly as I want it to.

The problem: I’ve duplicated the rabbit twice, and the cloth modifier stops working on the duplicates. In fact the part of the ears that is supposed to bend remains completely static, as if its pinned - its not even effected by the armature animation.

In the attached image, the rabbit in the middle Is the original and it works fine. The two on the ends are not working.

The duplicates are identical and everything else works - just not the cloth modifier.

  • The modifier stack is fine.
  • I’ve tried applying the cloth modifier from scratch.
  • I recreated my vertex group I use for pinning the model from scratch
  • I’ve re-baked and cached every which way

I’m using blender 2.82.
Any help, much appreciated.