Cloth modifier won't work on more than one objects?

Hello, I am working on a project of a little lion-like creature that has mane (sort of pointy- like Sonic the hedgehog) that is separate from his tusk (or bangs however you would like to call it). I successfully made a cloth modifier on his mane but when I try to make a cloth modifier for his tusk nothing happens if I play the animation. Is this because I have to apply the other cloth modifier or am I doing something wrong?

Note: I am using the cloth modifier because I do not want to animate every one of his “points” on the mane so this will serve as hair that is mobile when he moves around. I am also using self collision that doesn’t seem to be working since mane can go in on itself if I move it too sharply (this is not a big concern since he won’t be moved that suddenly like I am testing his mane).

Thank you for you help!

I just made two simple plane objects with cloth modifiers fall onto two collision spheres and it worked fine, so it looks like you can apply the cloth modifier on multiple objects without applying or whatever.

Are your meshes sufficiently subdivided?

You are right, they might not be subdivided enough! Thank you, I will try that and see if it works :slight_smile:

That did not work either, any other ideas? Whenever I applied cloth on my other object there was some bouncing etc but none with this and I made sure that my weight paint looks ok too but nothing changed… :frowning:

Reading your post again, I wonder if your two meshes are intersecting? Like does it look like the mane is connected to the bangs (even if they are not the same mesh)? I’m not sure if that would change anything.

Its not clear to me what you are using weight painting for.

How do you pin the mane and bangs to the head? Using pinned vertex groups or what?

Can you create a simplified example showing the problem and post a .blend?

Here’s a quick test using two separate meshes, each with cloth (with self collision), and collision modifiers. The mane is sitting on the bangs. Both mane and bangs are parented to an animated empty. Looks weird, but everything seems to be working!

ManeAndBangs02.blend (247 KB)

Huh I guess something in my file got corrupted or something. By the way, do you know how to prevent cloth modifier from doing weird stuff like wind after wind has been disabled? The thing is I have my mane (with cloth modifier) but anytime I bake it, it begins bouncing and blowing and stuff even after I turned everything off but the gravity?

Hi, yes I am using weight paint for pinning. They are indeed intersecting. I pin the mane and bangs to the head by connecting both to the head bone. Yes I can! Thank you for your reply

Regarding getting rid of the wind, I find bakes are sometimes hard to get rid of even after you free them. Assuming residual bakes are the problem, two things to try: 1) Change the folder to which the bake files are saved - making sure the folder is empty, and/or 2) Edit your meshes ever so slightly - like move a vertex a micron. This should invalidate the bake and force a complete recalculation.

Alright after reading a lot of articles on this forum and elsewhere this is what I came up with:
(NOTE:this is true for any type of cloth modifier it seems)

  1. The order of the modifier is the most important thing in my case this is how it would go- Armature then Subdivision Surface then Cloth
  2. Also for my object that had collision it is the same thing- collision goes last
  3. The reason why it was blowing everywhere uncontrollably is because (as DavePSB said) the bakes were not free. To do this click free all bakes (or free bake) and then just change any setting (for example: after clicking free u change the quality from 2 to 3 then you can put it back). You also HAVE to be back to frame one to do it (or return to it at some point) and the way you know is gone is if the blue line on your animation bar is gone.
  4. Seems like it is best to animate your character (or object) first and turn off the view of the cloth while you are doing it (and this I know works if you have pinning or cloth attached to a bone) and at the very end click Bake- what this does is tells your cloth to follow the bones and it will take some time probably to calculate all the collisions but IMO it is worth it.

Happy blending! And if anyone has similar problems like I did here is the solution :slight_smile: