Cloth Modifier

I am making some bunched up socks (around an ankle). I wanted them varying degrees of bunched up, and proceeded to add wrinkles by hand.

Unfortunately, they look too artificial, so I thought I’d see if this “cloth modifier” would be able to give me some realistic wrinkles.

IT DOES! WOOT! However, it totally ignores the leg mesh and crumples into a wad. =\

Can I force the cloth modifier to pay attention to other meshes in the scene (Ideally the sock will scrunch up a bit, then stop. I’m not looking for a trash compacted wad of cloth. =P)

I realize part of this is due to the cloth settings, but how do I get it to heed the leg mesh it’s wrapped around? (Sorry for the tangent)
Thanks for any and all help!


Hello Satskin. To solve this problem, you will have to tell Blender to take into account the leg model during the physics simulation.

Select the leg mesh, go to the physics buttons, then to the Collision panel (the first one there is, it’s probably tabbed with the Fields panel). There enable the Collision button (the only one there is in that panel anyway.

Happy blending.