Cloth not affected by wind

y u no work?

works fine here
gone-with-the-wind.blend (119.0 KB)

share -zz test/ scene file or “steps to reproduce”…

are you using daily dev?
or official 2.79b?
What´s the mass of your object?
Wind isn´acting with clothes on my side I´m on daily dev.

Really? Certified Trainer?!?
C’mon then, look at the scene file. It’s attached above… works with daily 2.79 & 2.80 :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:
& post yours (+ OS, Blender version…?).

I didn’t have to waste time recording a long video about something that should be very obvious. That doesn’t have to do anthing with what you question here.

I get to ask for this kind of trouble with simulations so others won’t have to deal with it when I get asked.

Do you think IT computer in big cpu/gpu farms have it easier adminisitring their stuff? -No. Yet they are required Ph level.

Stay put. I didn’t code Blender, so It’s fare to ask why things don’t work at first run.

i don’t care about the BG story & sorry for hurting your feelings
file is there to look into
bless ya