Cloth not following

Hey I know it must not be that big of a deal but I don’t find the solution so I’m asking there. I have two legs with a boot pairs in cloth simulation. When I move the rig of the legs I expect to see the boots follow, but they don’t they just sit there, and still I’have my legs with collision physics, so what am I missing ?



You’ll still need to parent the boots to the rig, if you haven’t already.

really ? why ? isn’t it supposed to follow the legs at it is dragged by it ?

Yes, technically.
But, Im making an assumption since the item is boots that you have most of it weight painted and using the cloth sim for only certain parts of the boots. i.e. the top folds
If that’s not the case make sure that collision is turned on (on the character and not the boots), and then check to see if it is not pinned to something else.
You’ve probably checked those two, but I’m just trying to help you work through this issue. It should work as you describe on a static cloth object.

I like to parent with all my cloth sims so the items stay aligned at the starting frame, even if I move said items.

Side Note: I don’t think having the entire boot simmed for cloth will give the desired effect you’re looking for.
A weight painted boot with the folded over leather section set up as a cloth sim would be the idea setup for this.


In fact I planned to use some weight paint to make more rigid the lower part, and a little less stiff the upper folding parts. Turns out the problem was caused by the fact that collision was on the boots too. But now I get a strange effect, see my caracter gives a fast kick with is right leg but this is happening :

I turned the self collision on but it still happen

I think this is just a normal function of the cloth sims. The boot is collapsing on itself as if it was made of cotton, or a similar material.
This is an example of were the weight painting would be a better workflow.

yes I’m gon’ do the weight painting workflow either way, I was just curious about that, but still I don’t understand cause the boot really behave strangely, like it’s sticking to the foot despite the fact that it sort of pelled off, it should be falling, also it is crumpling.

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