Cloth object fails to fall

In this file:
Cloth Fall Fail Tech Support.blend (1.1 MB)
I have set up a cloth object (blanket) to fall down on a collision object beneath it (mattress). When the simulation is run, the cloth fails to fall as intended. What have I missed?

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hi i checked your blend file i have see that you have enabled almost everything {i am not a pro in blender }
has blender has a automatic cloth sim you don t have to adjust everything
i redid your sim this is the result i got

Cloth Fall Fail Tech Support.blend (1.1 MB)

don t add anything else just give the object a collision and a object a cloth

In the “Bed cover” object Cloth modifier I disabled “Object Collision”, and “Self Collisions:”. This did not make a difference. What else is there?

Thank you for the video. There is a lot about cloth I learned from it. But it does not tell me why the cloth in my file fails to fall.

The file I uploaded to this thread is a reduced version of a larger project from which only the essential parts needed to demonstrate this problem were retained. I need to know why this cloth is not falling in this file. The file was created in Blender 2.91.

Edit mode for blanket: select all vertices, apply Merge By Distance. Then it will fall. I merged with 0.02m.

Why? I don’t know. After having checked everything I could imagine might cause it and added new cloth objects which fell I guessed that something might be wrong with the blanket geometry and started applying the Edit:CleanUp tools. Why would a geometry flaw freeze the cloth? I don’t know.

Merge by distance solved it for me. The blanket falls now. Thanks.

I suspect that somehow duplicate vertices were made when I extruded to make the fold. I redid this fold several times.