Cloth physics doesn't work

Hello. I want to make a flag, i subdivide plane, add cloth physics simulation, when pin group shape, but when i check self collision, everything crushes into unrecognizable form. It is bug or what?

Decrease the ‘Distance’ parameter in the ‘Self Collision’ settings till it doesnt blow up anymore.

It is works, but i enable self collision and some faces go through other faces, if i increase distance it looks very unnaturally.

Making the mesh more dense could help. Just apply a subd modifier before the cloth sim. Also play with the ‘Tension’ and ‘Bending’ parameters in the ‘Stiffness’ section.

Hi @Faunderis,

If your plane is the default size, 2m square, there should be no problems with the default settings.

This is a low quality render, but uses the default plane ( subdivided - the checker pattern matches the density of the mesh) , 3 pinned vertices and no changes at all to the cloth sim parameters, except to switch on Self collisions:

The settings used . . .

However, if you changed the scale of the plane to something too small, like 1cm square, or did not reset the scale to 1, ( select object then CTRL-a ) then select scale:

that can cause problems. You should delete the cloth modifier before you do a reset.

Here’s the Blend file with this cloth in it. Press space to simulate.

flag_ish.blend (804.9 KB)


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