Cloth pressure & intentional ridges and folds

Hi folks, i’m having some fun with cloth and the pressure settings.
It’s ideal to make cushions and pads and weird stuff.
The only thing i’m struggling with it that even slight pressure pushes out a seam, fold or ridge.
For instance if you make a cushion with an edge seam, inflating it will push out that seam.
Using a pin group works but the pin group does not allow simulation so if the cushion falls the pinned geometry stays where it is.
Any ideas on that are more than welcome.

Stiffness and smoothing the vertex weights of yr pin group can help, I dropped this pillow on a plane with a pinned group…

Hi AlphaChannel, thanks for the reply.
That looks great thanks !
The seams i want to preserve are the lateral ones.
They always get unfolded nomatter what i do. See img