Cloth problem

Im new to the cloth simulation and watched the tutorial at Blender Cookie but I have a problem. I have a table and want to put cloth over it but everything I do the animation it doesnt touch my table. I can some photos if u like. I subdivided the mess and everything so not sure why. Also it bounchs into the air. I just need the cloth to lay on the table so not sure what to change.

You have to make the table collide with the table. Use the collision tab in physics.

Or click here---->

I made sure to use collision for my table but I just left the settings how they were and press play to see the animation. Do I need to bake instead for it to work?

I didn’t and it worked fine for me. :slight_smile: you could though, i don’t think it’ll do anything different.

Still not working right. Even tried on another computer just to make sure. Shouldnt the cloth fall onto the table. The cloth forms the shape and everything file.I can move the table up to line up with the cloth and it looks alright but thats not the way I want to do it. I think I’ll show photo and upload the .blend file tomorrow.

Usually when I find things not working the same as a tutorial I watch and duplicate a step
or two at a time. Often I simply missed or forgot a step and just that little step caused all
my headaches. :slight_smile:

to check your settings, press space, and type add cloth preset, you can modify the example to fit your needs :slight_smile:

I followed the Blender Cookie tutorial setting exactly. I changed up the cloth size and use used a table instead of a sphere but that shouldn’t matter.

Hmm I created a table (well the top at least, no legs) added colision to the table.
Created a plane and subdivided it a few times from the Wkey specials menu and added cloth.
Placed the plane above and pressed Alt+A and everything worked fine without changing any settings.
Maybe you could post a blend file of the table and cloth for others to check out?

I just did this blend file real quick without the tutorial with same results. Thought if I divide in a few more times it would help but nope. Let me know if the settings are right cus I kept it very basic with no changes. I’m just lost on whats going on.

Reduce the Outer and Inner values on the table’s Collision specs, and the Distance value on the Cloth parameters. These determine how far off a collision surface the cloth object will settle.

Also, your table seems to have a ginormous number of polygons, more than is needed, and that will substantially increase the collision calculation time. On the other hand, your cloth seems a bit too sparse on polygons, which is probably why you have the Subsurf modifier above the Cloth. For Cloth, especially something like a square tablecloth, better I think to actually subdivide the mesh (but only enough to get the look you want to the folds as it drapes the table), and have the Cloth modifier on top. Then use a low Subsurf level, which helps keeps your corners nice & square.

Thanks that should help a lot! :slight_smile: I thought I would just try high poly on both just to see if it would help but did the exact same thing. Im not using that table for anything anyways just a test. Going to try all these and let you guys know.