Cloth pulled off model?

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I am trying to pull off (no pun intended) a animation where there is a cloth that is literally pulled off an object, to reveal what’s underneath. I am having trouble to find out how to make the cloth lie placed over the object from the start of the animation.

This is what it looks like so far. I followed a tutorial by Olav3D on YouTube, but I simply want the cloth to at the start of the animation to cover the object.

What is it doing that isn’t working? What have you tried?

With the pin group set, by default the cloth object wont fall. Is that what is not working, not really sure how you would pull off the cloth after it had fallen. So just unset the pin group and the cloth should fall.

Cloth Reveal Animation in under 10min | Blender 2.9

This example is where a pin group could be used. If you don’t hook it, it won’t move though.

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Thanks for your constructive replies. @a59303 Did you mean the hook modifier?

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Skull Kid

Yeah the same as in the video that @graeme_h linked.

@a59303 Alright. Thanks to both of you @a59303 and @graeme_h. I will keep this topic open in case I run into problems.

Good luck. If I have time later this week, I’ll look into a little more. Take care.