Cloth settings for bending sheet metal

I’m trying to simulate a building exploding and the roof is made of corrugated metal. I’ve divided the roof into the sections that will rip away from each other and I plan to use the cloth simulator simulate bending. But no matter how high I set the structure value, it still bends like cloth and doesn’t hold its shape after it bends, it just unfolds into its original shape. Any ideas on how to make this work?

Try using Soft Body. It has “Plastic” setting for permanent deformation.

I don’t know how many fragments of the roof you have to deal with, but if it isn’t a lot, another method is to skip the sims altogether and just deform the pieces using shape keys. Then you have 100% control over the resulting shapes, they’re easy enough to edit, no external caches or bulging .blends, etc. I truly doubt either the Cloth or the Soft Body sims will do a physically-accurate job of mimicking explosive deformation, whereas shape keys can do whatever you can image, or almost whatever :wink:

Thanks ridix! I got it to work with plastic set to 10 and push and pull set to 0.1. Its a little flimsy but I don’t think anyone will really focus on the exact physics of sheet metal when an entire building blows up :eyebrowlift:.
And chipmasque, I considered doing that but there are to many pieces of roof.