Cloth Sewing Question

Hello all you wonderful and helpful people.

I’m modelling a lot of clothing so I’m trying to automate as much as possible.
I’m struggling to figure out a way to make buttons that pull together with sewing springs.
Currently the buttoned parts of the garment are intersecting instead of overlapping correctly.
I’m using the sewing springs to pull the overlap together where the buttons go.

Take a look at the pics and let me know if you have any suggestions.


Maybe a starting asymmetry on the Y axis from the parts that must overlap, together with a better quality of self collision, or maybe an animated shape key that leads those vertices at the right place, although it’s not easy to put them exactly there at start.

Just a thought, I never tried.


Just brainstorming at this point so any input is appreciated. I tried starting with the overlap using asymmetry on the y axis. There are more sewing seams on the back of the garment pulling the buttons apart with greater force due to the greater number of seams. The self collision isn’t enough to preserve the overlap because the overlap gets pulled apart by the sewing on the back of the garment.

I’m going to experiment with some dynamic stiffness scaling.
Keep the suggestions coming.

I don’t know if more seams can really help, at last the resting place will be the same, when they reach their final length.

You could try with a shrinking vertex group to limit the min distance for some seams.