Cloth sim: creases in fabric getting lost.

I’m fairly green at the cloth sim side of Blender and I can’t figure out if there’s a way to make the engine respect pre-existing creases in the mesh, like in a pleated skirt. They always smooth out when I run the sim. Is there a way to do this?


Vertex pinning. Pin a few vertices down the pleat, but not the whole pleat.

Alternately, you can vary the stiffness of the cloth across the surface using vertex groups.

First off, thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a try.
Second, thanks for that signature. The ‘vertex/vertice’ thing drives me crazy.

Just so I’m on record somewhere as having clarified this: the criticism in my signature is directed at native English speakers. Everyone else has an excuse. At least until they read one of my posts. :wink:

I still can’t get it to work. Could you be a little more specific with your suggestion?

I just fiddled around with an example file for a while, but actually now that I’m looking at your screenshot more, part of the reason it’s not holding onto those pleats is that they’re not really pleats. You’ve just put sort of a little bend in the cloth. Pleats get folded completely over in a Z pattern. If I make a sheet of cloth that’s pleated properly in the first place, then make sure a couple of vertices along that Z are in the Pinning vertex group, I don’t need to do any stiffness scaling at all to get it to keep its pleats. (bake this, then hit Play to see what I mean)

Alright, it might just be that I hadn’t made my folds deep enough. Thanks for the help.

Also check out the pinning vertex group. Good pinning is also essential if you want folds in cloth to behave well.