Cloth sim dependency cycle errors

I have an outfit with parts in multiple different objects. There’s a shirt and skirt and some other bits. The skirt and shirt have both cloth and collision enabled, with the collision placed after the cloth. The rest of the pieces have only cloth, as they only interact with the other colliders.

My console is spammed with dependency cycle warnings that refresh every time I do pretty much anything in blender (even running unrelated scripts.) They look like this:

Despite this, the cloth sim actually works just fine. The skirt and shirt interact with each other without issues. If i disable collision on either object, the warnings go away.

Are these dependency cycles a real issue, or false positives? Is there anything I can do about them? Am I just not supposed to have different cloth objects interact with each other at all? I’ve used cloth many times over the years, and never noticed this problem before (but maybe I just wasn’t in the console enough.)