Cloth Sim - flag works in viewport but does not render

Hello Everyone.

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide. My scene has two flags (cloth sim) blowing in a wind force field. The cloth sim on both flags works in the viewport but the smaller (bottom) flag does not render the cloth sim. It only renders as a flat plane. The upper flag renders the cloth sim correctly. Probably just another simple setting that I am missing?

If it is any help: I did use “Import image as plane” to get the proper proportions of the flags.

Thank you for your time.

  • Nick


Crows Nest Animation 2 (Help).blend (918 KB)

The smaller flag has a susburf 1 for viewport and 3 for render, they need to be the same.

Photox, Thank you for your help. I Fixed that and it still wasn’t working - So I was looking around the subsurf modifier and realized that the “Use modifier during rendering” button was not selected.

So you were absolutely correct. …and I was wrong twice.

—> As always - Blender: so many settings - So little time.

Thanks again for your help Photox ! ! !

  • Nick

Mystery solved. There ought to an add on that warns you of mismatched modifiers. Maybe I’ll make a developer request. Cricket chirps.