Cloth sim help_IT FLEW EVERYWHERE!

Hello everyone!

I have been fumbling with cloth simulation, and so far I have this one major issue; how to control the shape of the cloth simulation?whenever there is a fast motion from my rig, the cloth will fly over abruptedly. I look through alot of forums and they say to increase the steps but for my case it doesnt work. i know mostly it can be adjusted in the settings but so far i am out of options and i need some guidance on it.

as you can see the cloth doesnt cover the legs nicely and i want to control that.

here is the setting that i use for the simulation

basically what i want. :smiley:

when i look at those behind the scenes footages from movies like frozen and tangle, i dont see the animators animate a rigged cloth so i assume all of it are simulations.
is there a way to fix this or is there a better method/ workflow to solve it?