Cloth Sim Idea

I’ve had an idea for what I want to work towards for my first large coding project in Blender and I wanted to float it here and see what people think.

So, I’ve been getting a bit sick of modelling clothes and then having the cloth sim do nasty things to it. The most common failure I have is modelling a t-shirt which is tight across the chest and it looks right when it’s modelled but when you apply the cloth sim the loose parts are treated the same as the stretched parts, causing them to flop about incorrectly.

What I assume happens is that the code assumes that at frame 1 displacements are 0, and that the mesh is unstrained. So, what I wanted to do is create a script/change the source code so that you can input an unstressed mesh that the script then takes, compares to the mesh at frame 1, and creates a strain matrix so that when the cloth is simulated the stretched parts stay where they should be.

So, what do you guys think?