Cloth sim in negative frames problem


I’ve set my cloth simulation to start in negative frames which starts off ok but when it reaches frame zero it pops the cloth sim back to it’s default shape. How do I stop that happening?

Thanks for reading

Can you not start the render from 1? Its not popping back, this frame 0 is just not simulated so it shows the default shape but after that continues the simulation. Might be a bug because its working fine with smoke baking…

Hi Thanks, I’ve been working with others in a pipeline and that’s how they wanted the output. I’ll do as you suggest and sim from frame 1 and then shift the baked results afterwards. Just wondering, what is smoke baking?

Smoke baking is a different simulation in blender. I tested if its also not simulating at frame 0 but it does. So something is special with the cloth simulation cache. I guess its a bug that its not simulating at frame 0